Attack with WeaponAim with , then press

Use the weapon you are aiming.

Equip Weapons

Select a weapon to equip using the directional buttons. For those with multiple choices (such as support weapons), use the right stick while holding the directional buttons to select the one you want to use.

  • ・・・Select/equip a primary weapon (rifle, etc.)
  • ・・・Select/equip a secondary weapon (handgun, etc.)
  • ・・・Select/equip a support weapon
  • ・・・Select/equip an item
Non-Lethal Weapons
Some weapons, such as tranquilizer guns, can neutralize enemies without harming them.
Such weapons will have a blue icon on the selection screen.
Enemies that you neutralize by knocking out or putting to sleep will sometimes recover.
  • 殺傷武器

    Lethal weapons

  • 非殺傷武器

    Non-lethal weapons


Headshots immediately neutralize enemies. With lethal weapons, enemies die instantly. With a tranquilizer gun, they immediately fall asleep.

Close Quarters Combat (CQC)

Attack nearby enemies with hand-to-hand combat. A variety of actions are possible with different button combinations.
This enables you to neutralize enemies without the noise of gunshots.

CQC(近接戦闘術) CQC(近接戦闘術)

Hold UpSurprise opponent +

To hold up enemies, approach them from behind or without them noticing and aim your weapon at them.


Interrogate + Right stick while restraining or holding up opponent

You can extract various kinds of information from the enemy.

Spit it out Obtain information that will help you in your mission.
Where are the rest? Learn the positions of nearby enemies.
Get down Make your opponent lay flat on the ground (only while in the Hold Up state).

Pick Up


Picking Up a Weapon

If you touch a dropped weapon, any remaining ammo will be added to that of weapons in your possession that use the same ammo.
Hold the button near a weapon to pick it up.

  • * You can carry two primary weapons (one at your hip and another on your back), two secondary weapons, and eight support weapons. Additional weapons that you obtain will have to be swapped out with those you are carrying.

Weather and Time of Day

Time in the game passes at a fixed rate.
At night, your visibility is reduced and enemy guard shifts change. The weather also changes along with the time of day.
Sounds are less audible when it is raining, and visibility is limited during a sandstorm.

Fulton Extraction


Fulton Extraction

Extracting soldiers from the area of operations is essential to expanding Diamond Dogs.
Approach an unresisting individual (either unconscious, asleep, or held up) and hold the button to Fulton extract them.
After developing better Fulton extraction devices, you will be able to extract objects as well, including vehicles, materials containers, and weapon emplacements such as machine guns and mortars.

  • * The success rate of Fulton extractions depends on factors such as your Support Unit's level, the weather, and the subject's physical condition.
  • * You cannot perform a Fulton extraction when there is a ceiling above you.