Tactical Buddies


Selecting a buddy

Tactical buddies are valuable allies you can take into the area of operations with you.
Buddies can be used after fulfilling certain requirements.

Selecting a Buddy

You can select a buddy when deploying to an area of operations, or you can summon them during a mission by going to the iDroid's [MISSIONS] tab and choosing [BUDDY SUPPORT].

Giving Orders to Buddies

Give orders to buddies either from the Call Menu or by going to the iDroid's [MISSIONS] tab and choosing [BUDDY SUPPORT].

Call MenuHold + Right stick


Call Menu

This menu allows you to give orders to buddies and use prosthetic arm abilities.

Intel Support Calls while looking at a target through the binoculars


If you can obtain information by radio on what you are looking at through the binoculars, a button icon will appear at the top left of the screen.

Outgoing CallsTap

Call people on the radio to receive hints or other useful information, depending on the situation.
Aside from a few exceptions, you can initiate outgoing radio calls at any time.

Incoming Calls

You will sometimes receive radio calls from allies, depending on the situation. The caller will automatically start talking.

Support from Base

You can request various support actions depending on your Support Unit's level, such as supply drops or airstrikes.

Supply Drops Select [SUPPLY DROP] from the iDroid's [MISSIONS] tab.
Strikes Select [FIRE SUPPORT] from the iDroid's [MISSIONS] tab.